We at Multiverse Investment Fund I, LP believe that making money is only a part of the equation.

Multiverse Investment Fund I, LP intends to make investments in various companies that we anticipate will both generate long term capital appreciation, and which are building products with the potential to produce a positive and significant social impact.

The future of all industry is disruption.

Multiverse Investment Fund I, LP has identified companies in the following spaces with the potential to disrupt the status-quo and revolutionize industry sectors.

Biological Filters
Cancer Therapeutics
Stomal Cell-based Immunotherapy
Instantaneous Cancer Diagnostic Device
Alternative Energy, Storage, Delivery, Grid Stabilization
Auto-immune Therapeutics
Alzheimer's/Dementia Therapeutics
Immune Modulation
Super hard metal for industry, medical and defense
Anti-aging and age related therapeutics
Surface material that prevents bacteria and fungal growth